JOB TITLE: Application Engineer

Job Purpose: Technical Support Group Manager

Job Purpose: Application Engineer is responsible for providing after-sales assistance and guidance to customers or end-users. They play a critical role in ensuring that all before and after sales technical requirements of the customer are delivered.

Duties and Responsibilities

After Sales Support

1. Provide technical support for various products offered by the company

a. Mobilization
b. Pull-out and installation
c. Inspections
d. Problem diagnosis / Root cause failure analysis
e. Troubleshooting
f. Inventory Management

2. Provide timely and effective technical support to resolve problems

3. Respond to customer inquiries and issues through various communication channels, such as phone, email, chat, or in-person

4. Ensure that support provided meets quality and performance standards

5. Provide support to teams at sites

Technical Knowledge

1. Maintain a deep understanding of the products and services offered by the company

2. Stay updated with latest features, updates and changes to products and services

Knowledge Sharing / Product Training

1. Conduct product presentations and technical discussions with customers

2. Collaborate with other members of the TSG to share insights and best practices, and solutions to common technical issues

3. Participate in team meetngs and training sessions

4. Create and update training materials and documentation as needed

Documentation and Reporting

1. Gather and report customer feedback regarding product or service issues and concerns

2. Record and document customer interactions – including issue descriptions, solutions, and any relevant information in a systematic and organized manner

3. Ensure accurate and thorough documentation for reference and reporting

4. Prepare and submit accurate and timely reports on activities

5. Liaise with supplier or principal counterparts

Adherence to Policies and Procedures

1. Follow company policies, standards and procedures

2. Maintain data security and privacy standards in all interactions

General Activities

1. Support activities of other departments

2. Attend meetings of the department and company-wide activities

3. Other tasks that may be assigned


• Preferably Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
• Work experience in power plants, refinery, mining or other related industry
• Work experience with instrumenta􀆟on and mechanical products, an advantage
• With valid driver’s license
• With Safety Training Cer􀆟ficate
• Proficiency in the use of computer programs for:
– Word Processing
– Spreadsheet
– Email
• Ability to learn technical products and present
• Fluent in oral and writen English
• Excellent organiza􀆟onal skills
• Effec􀆟ve communica􀆟on skills
• Strong aten􀆟on to detail

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