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Aluminum Dome CoverWorld Bridge have developed Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roof, Vault Dome Roof and Flat Cover (WORLD DOME®) under extensive research and development programs with local Korean university and its own laboratory test in order to meet growing commitment works from domestic oil refinery companies. Following to growing demand of Aluminum Dome Roof, we can supply best quality Al. Geodesic Dome Roof for the petroleum storage tank and civil waste water treatment projects, a sludge thickener aeration & sedimentation as well as bulk storage industry. Our state of the art dome design works are equal or exceed APl Appendix 650 G design criteria and it will be best solution to use World Bridge good quality Internal Floating Cover (WORLD COVER®) systems together with Aluminum dome roof. These will reduce maintenance costs and future operating expense +as well as economical solution for new tanks construction and retrofitting works on your existing tanks. From our twenty(20) years of oil refinerys tankage seals service works and total tank maintenance experience, we have accumulated a lot of optimum solution to reduce air pollution control(VOC removal system), and save energy & hydrocarbon emission from your tanks. Now we would like to contribute our new technology to keep clean environment and protect water & air pollution contamination throughout world oil & petrochemical industries. We are mostly welcome to discuss for your new inquiry of Aluminum Dome Roof and ready to cooperate with your technical department for the economic design of new tank farm projects. Now we can supply our Al. Dome roof over diameter 5-100M for oil and petrochemical industry tank and even bigger size tanks are available for the building & architect projects.

External Floating Roof

WB has accumulated a lot of optimum solutions to reduce air pollution control and save energy & hydrocarbon emission from your tank. We supply all type of seal systems for External Floating Roof Tank.

Internal Floating RoofWB advance designed internal floating roof are equipped with various seal type, selection of allowable stress to suit each design condition, which specified by the tank owner. Now we have supplied over one thousand (1,000) sets of Al. covered tank seals products to all around oil and petroleum industries.




Gauge Hatch ProductsWorld Bridges Gauge Hatch provides access for storage Tanks. When closed it assure a vapor tight seal that prevents leakage and evaporation loss It is designed for easy installation, inspection and maintenance providing trouble free operation

Emergency Vent & Hatch CoverWorld Bridges new Emergency Vent & Hatch Cover is designed to provide an emergency pressure relief opening for storage tanks when exposed to over-pressure that is not handled by normal tank vent. These vents provide the capacity for emergency venting due to fire exposure when properly sized. These Cover also provide quick easy access for tank inspection and maintenance. World Bridges Emergency Vent & Hatch Cover provides both of pressure relief & vacuum relief. Vacuum relief is optional function of Emergency Vent & Hatch Cover. When excessive pressure builds whining the storage tank, the World Bridge Emergency Vent & Hatch Cover hinged cover begins to open at the predetermined setting relieving excess pressure. When the over-pressure has dissipated the over reseats onto the base. The hinge mechanism prevents misalignment and provides an accurate reseats.

Vapor Reduction Device for Gauge Pole.WB has developed above vapour reduction device in order to prevent residual VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds) escape from inside of gauge pipe. Meantime, our clients are very happy to use these devices on the occasion of no more vapour escape from cone roof type tanks which equipped with aluminum internal floating cover systems. WB VRD-8 can simply adjust the middle parts of special ring holder to control exact product level over product S.G range 0.6 to 1 grade. For more details information, please kindly consult with our engineering department.